CBD Hemp Oil to Choose

CBD Hemp Oil to Choose

Which hemp oil to choose to get the best possible therapeutic effect? This question is asked by every novice user of a medical hemp. Mostly, CBD oil finds versatile use in neurodegenerative and nervous diseases, while CBDA oil is particularly effective for cancer and inflammation.

Any properly extracted hemp extract is able to help with at most health issues! However, in order to achieve synergy and the best therapeutic effect, it is recommended to use a combination of different preparations alternately. The most commonly recommended option is a combination of different CBD and CBDA oils, which has a significant effect on expanding the range of cannabinoids and intensifying the therapeutic effect.

For mild health problems, for example, a 5% 10ml oil with 500mg of CBD, trace THC, CBC, terpenoids and flavonoids may suffice

For chronic conditions and moderately problematic ailments like inflammation e.g. 4% oil 30ml(1200mg CBD, trace THC, CBC, terpenoids, flavonoids) in a combination with 15% RAW 10ml which is 1500mg CBD+CBDA, trace CBC, CBN, CBG, terpenoids, flavonoids.

For serious health issues like cancer, when a higher dose is needed, 4% oil 50ml which contains 2000mg CBD, trace THC and CBC in combination with 20%RAW 10g 2000mg CBD+CBDA (trace CBC, CBN, CBG, terpenoids, flavonoids) is used. This is the widest set of cannabinoids on the market and it provides the highest effectiveness at the lowest price. This set is sufficient for 40 days of therapy at a dose of 100mg/day. Alternatively, instead of the 20% RAW paste, there are 30% and 50% RAW preparations, which further increase the effectiveness of the therapy, thanks to the highest quality extract and high content of CBDA, which has a similar chemical structure to THC.

Additionally, other cannabinoid-rich hemp products like hemp herb, hemp capsules, ointments, and CBC-predominant oils whenever available are also used in support of the above therapy modalities. All of these are able to further enhance the treatment with an even wider range of applied phytocannabinoids of various origins.

It is important to note that a CBD extracts are natural products, and nature is unique, so different products from a different manufacturers will always differ in action and composition. Therefore, it is worth using the widest possible range of them, which results in much better results than using a single product.

The quality of the products is crucial, so you should only use those with certificates of analysis to be sure of the cannabinoid content and that they are free from GMOs, heavy metals, toxins, pesticides or herbicides, fungi, mold and other contaminants. Unfortunately, cannabinoids also act synergistically with a toxic substances, which is why they should not be combined with alcohol, for example, and make sure that the extract used is tested for possible contaminants.

Note: On the market you can find counterfeit preparations with the addition of separated (crystalline) CBD sold as oil or paste, which unfortunately is not an honest practice and misleads the consumer. As is not difficult to guess this type of products show a much weaker therapeutic effect than properly produced preparations.

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